FOUNDATION REVIEW- YSL Touche Éclat Le Teint Foundation | Bellesa Africa

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Hey guys!

First- yes- I have been away. I was traveling over the past two weeks for work, and my schedule was super tight. I was in Lagos last week, and I landed only to fly out again for a location shoot.

So I lost touch with you guys for a couple of weeks.

But here’s another foundation review, and this time I think I really like this one. It’s by YSL and it’s available here in Nairobi.

One thing to note about pricing- this costs about KES 4,100/= ($41) in the UK but KES 5,800/= ($58) in the States.

In Kenya, it’s about 6,000/= ($60). So do your research to find out where exactly you would like to purchase yours from.

I hope you like this video guys!!!



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