Kenneth Ize Showcase + Asa Performance | SPICE Lifestyle Honors 2018

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Kenneth Ize Showcase and Asa’s performance at the SPICE Lifestyle Honors in 2018. Kenneth officially launched his fashion brand in Lagos in 2013, immediately after his 3 years in university in which Bernhard Wilhelm headed the fashion department. His knowledge and diverse experience – from assisting Edun to Asher Levine in New York – has flourished Kenneth into a talented creator. He has been able to build an ethos, rooted in the exploring and reinterpreting of a myriad of cultural aesthetics. The brand reinterprets Nigerian craft to create an original perspective on a luxury product for the new age modern man and woman.

The Kenneth Ize brand takes a sustainable approach to the design and production process, sourcing materials locally and fostering a fair and safe working space for all workers and artisans, space where the designer and artisans often collaborate and influence the design process in unexpected ways.

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